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I was showing a bunch of 5th graders my cajon drum as part of demonstration of different percussion instruments. Everyone had a good time and I let the students take turns playing the cajon drum. It was nice to see the intrest the kids had in playing an instrument. I can also forsee many differet items being tapped on for the next few weeks as they try and find other cool things to play.

When class was over the music teacher asked me what I thought was a very strange question. "Where can you actually play a cajon drum?" I must have looked stunned because he clarified a moment later with "I mean venues, not just by yourself or in a 5th grade classroom". Even though I thought this was a crazy queston, especially from a fellow musician, I figured it may be a question other people have and are afraid to ask.

Cajon drums are perfect for any situation when space is limited, volume needs to be very low, or you just want something different. Of course, you can also use the cajon in a number of other situations. These are just a few suggestions to get you thinking. Once you have some ideas as to when you would use the cajon drum, where becomes easier to figure out. Among the places I would use the cajon drum are:
  • Small restaurants or patios
  • Accoustic shows where volume may be an issue
  • Street performances
The list is endless! We would love to hear from you if you ave more suggestions, videos, etc. Send us an email if you have something to say!