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In essence, the cajon drum is nothing more then a box designed to make percussive sounds. I realize many cajon drum players, including myself, see the cajon as much more than that. Musically it IS much more than that and in no way am I minimalizing the talent and effort required to play the cajon drum; however, at the end of the day the cajon drum really is just a box designed to produce percussive sounds. This is why many people call it the "cajon box drum".

There are several versions of the cajon available today. Virtually every major company, and many smaller ones, have at least one version of the cajon in their list of products. They come in many shapes, sizes and types; all of which have a specific sound and/or purpose. In fact, many companies are producing entirely new versions of the cajon that make the drum more versitile and easier to play. For example, many people have a difficult time getting a deep bass sound from the cajon drum. Several companies now make cajon drums with bass pedals or built in microphones to make it easier to get the rich bass sound every drummer loves to hear.

We will be adding a section of this site dedicated to the different types and models of cajon drums as well as the companies that make them. For now, we have created a small gallery of cajon drums below. There new types of cajon drums appearing everyday. Whatever type you decide to play, this is a very versitile instrument that is fun to play!