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How Do You Play The Cajon?

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The way you play the cajon depends on which version of the cajon you choose to play. Below are videos and descriptions of the main various types of cajons being played. The videos are the property of the people and companies that made them. Please let us know if there are other types of cajons you would like to see demonstrated on this page using the contact us links at the top and bottom of this page.

  The Box Cajon

This is played by sitting on the cajon and leaning over it to play. The middle of the cajon produces lower sounds, more like a bass drum. The higher up you go on the drum the higher pitch the sound gets. In many cases the corners of the cajon are loose and there is an actual 'slapping' sound that sounds remarkably like a crisp snare drum.

  The Conga Cajon

This is played by sitting or standing behind the conga cajon much like a set of traditional set of congas would be played. These cajons can be made to sound like snare drums or congas/bongos dependng on the way the cajon player sets them up. In this video the cajon player has also mounted a bongo/laptop cajon as well.

  The Laptop/Bongo Cajon

This is played similar to a laptop set of bongos. There are two different ways to hold the bongo cajon. Some people, depending on the design of the bongo cajon, will place in on their lap. Others will hold it between their legs as shown in this video (the more common method). You play the bongo cajon the same way you would a normal cajon.