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How To Build A Cajon Drum

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YES! Let's face it, at the end of the day the cajon, in almost every form, is nothing more than a well-made wooden box. If you take your time, select the right wood and/or other materials building your own cajon should be easy. It would also be cool to try different types of materials and seeing what sounds you are able to produce. Afterall, the original cajons started as everything from wooden crates to dresser drawers so there may very well be an excellent cajon out there waiting to be discovered! encourage everyone to think about it and give it a try.

Below are some resources you can use when deciding if, when and how to build your first cajon. We would also welcome any suggestions anyone may have. I am far from an expert carpenter but I have tried my hand at this a few times and used these resources myself.

Download PDF Plans   This is a pdf of some plans to build a cajon. These plans came from They are well designed and easy to follow. An excellent start on your first homemade cajon!

View Online Plans   This is another set of plans to build a cajon. These plans are posted on Wikipedia and are also very simple to follow. An excellent start on your first homemade cajon!

View Online Tutorial   This is an excellent blog post, complete with images, showing a cajon made by the author. It looks very well made and pictures speak a thousand words (he has several of them). I encourage you to have a look and read it in full. It is worth the time.

View Online Tutorial   This is a shorter and more theoretical tutorial on making your own cajon drum. It is still very useful and worth taking the time to read.

  For the visual learners among us, a video on how to build a cajon and a demonstartionof one built using these plans.