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Cajon Percussion

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Cajon Percussion is one of the more misunderstood percussion terms. Most percussionists who have had exposure to ethnic drumming styles will have seen a cajon drum. Many of them have also played one and/or understand the instrument. Even people who have not engaged in ethnicxe drumming have likely seen a cajon drum. One thing all of these drummers have in common is that isome people in both sets may not have any idea that there is more then one type of cajon and that there is a class of percussion instruments called "cajon percussion".

Cajon drums are now made in many different styles, as shown in the other areas of this site. Keep in mind, by different styles we are not referring to different versions of the same cajon. In other words, a cajon box drum with a pedal inside and a cajon drum with slap pads are still the same type of cajon drum. What we are referring to are the Bongo Cajon, the Laptop Cajon, and the Box Cajon. These different types of cajons are what make up the group of instruments called "cajon percussion".

If you have any other types of cajon drums you think should be on the list just drop us a line and let us know!

Cajon Percussion