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Cajon Drum | What Typeof Music Uses Cajon Drums?

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One question that is often asked by drummers new to the cajon is what type of music can you sue the cajon drum to play? The answer to this question has changed dramaticlly over the last several years. As recently as five years ago I would have agreed with percussionists who felt that the cajon drum was an ethnic instrument that is used mainly for traditional ethic music. In fact, many dedicated drummers had not heard of the cajon box drum unless they were well-versed in auxillary percusion. Now, not only have many more people heard of the cajon drum, but many different types of music utilize the cajon drum in their arrangements.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the increase in awareness of the cajon drum and cajon drum players is the use of the cajon drum on TV, music videos and other mainstream media. The cajon drum has been used on American Idol more then once. It has also been featured in several music videos and is used by many performers as part of their percussion setups. Just as importantly, you can now find the cajon in many major music stores. That also helps expose new drummers ot the cajon drum as a percussion instrument.

As the awareness has gone up, so has the use of the cajon drum in many different types of music. A quick search online reveals the use of the cajon drum in rock, jazz, and virtually every other type of music (be sure to see our videos section for some great examples). The cajon drum has also become a common choice for coffee houses and smaller venues where a drumset does not fit or would be too loud.

So, what type of music uses cajon drums? It may be easier to list what music doesn't!