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Cajon Drum | Where Can I Get Cajon Drum Lessons?

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So, you like the cajon drum and are ready to buy one and start learning to play. Only one question remains, where can you get lessons on how to play the cajon? This is a little more difficult then finding traditional drum lessons since the cajon drum is not as common an instrument but far from impossible. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Online Videos, Tutorials and Lessons: There is a fair amount of videos and tutorials online from amatuers and professionals alike on how to play the Cajon Drum. If you are carefull to weed out the bad from the good you can easily get started learning how to play. There are also several companies that offer cajon drum lessons for a fee in video format both online and offline. We will be reviewing these all of these free and paid options and posting our recommendations here in the next few weeks.

  • Contact Your Local Music Store: Some music stores offer lessons and some do not. Either way the local music store is the place to start when looking for an instructor. They sell the cajon drum to the community and likely know who is good and who is not. A quick chat with the local drum sales guy can get you all of the information you need on who to call, what their good and bad points are, etc.

  • Go to a Local Drum Circle: Not only will you find great cajon percussionists in your area but you will have fun too! Even if none of the players give lessons, they likely know who does. More importantly, they likely know who is worth taking lessons from and who is not.
Now, close the computer and get to work! Send us clips of your cajon drumming and will post them here!