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Cajon Bags and Cases - Do I Need One and Where Can I Find Them?

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Cajon cases and cajon bags are a very good investment. Many drummers may argue that statement but we still stand by it. A cajon case will keep your cajon drum safe during travel, behind stage, etc. I know many of you are thinking "I do not use cases to carry my drum set and that is a lot more expensive then a cajon. Why do I need a case for my cajon drum?". There are several reasons:

For starters drum sets are a lot more durable then a cajon. They are at least 3-plys of wood, and many are 6-ply or 8-ply. In addition, traditional drums they have a coating or other top layer that strengthens them even more. All of this explains why you rarely hear of a drum breaking or being damaged beyond use. Secondly, cajon drums are far more sensitive to damage then drums in the fact that every nick, ding, etc can actually change the tuning of the drum permanently. This is certainly not the case with a traditional drum or drum set. The list goes on and on. Of course, there is also the money difference. A cajon drum needs one case and a drum set needs at least three or four. The result is drum set cases are a fairly major investment and a cajon case is not.

Cajon bags are available almost anywhere cajon drums are sold. All of the major chain stores sell them and just about every custom cajon builder offers cases for their cajons. Make the investment, you will be glad you did!

Cajon Cases and Cajon Bags