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The Cajon drum is rapidly growing in popularity. I first discovered this instrument a few years ago. I was watching American Idol and Katherine McPhee performed the song "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree". There were two men sitting on what looked like wooden boxes. I had never seen these 'boxes' before but the sound coming from them was incredible. It sounded like a marching band but was just two guys, WITHOUT DRUMS (I would later hear this called "Cajon Music")! I simply had to figure out what those 'boxes' were called, where I could find them and how to play them. Thus began my quest to master this instrument and find the best cajon drum available.

While I was able to find the information I needed, there was very little information available on the cajon drum in general. Most of what was available was commericaly motivated and not geared towards helping someone discover the instrument and its history. This site is intended to change that. Here you will find all of the information, videos, products, etc. that I have been able to gather on cajon drums. Are there ads on this site, yes, but the information is genuine and not influenced by the desire to 'sell' anything. Among the information you will find is:

This site will continue to expand as more players and music professionals help us bring even more information to this website and to the many people who are interested in this instrument. If you have any comments, suggestions or information you think should be added to this site please contact using the links on the top and bottom of every page on this website. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy this site!

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